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Jignesh Bhalsod - JigB Digital - Digital Marketing and Content Writing Professional

No matter what your business is. No matter if it’s small or large, serving local, regional, national or international customers. Content is the king in your marketing efforts.
Leadership with content is the new norm that drives business and profit.
– Jignesh Bhalsod

I am a digital marketing professional and an experienced content writer from India. Basically, I had started a website www.happynetty.com in 2014 and converted it into a social blog to write articles on it. Moreover, my writings were at the most basic and beginner level at that time. However, I kept learning from established writers and I am still improving.

My professional journey as a writer started in January 2018 with successful completion of a writing project for a client. Since then, I am working for clients who need content for their clients, blogs, and website.

I also have been working on SEO, SEM, SMM and reviewing websites for improvements for more than 4 years. As a result, I have been successful in helping businesses improve their position on search engines and social media. Most importantly, they could achieve more online conversions and boost sales.

My digital marketing and content writing services

1. Article writing and rewriting
2. Web content writing and rewriting
3. SEO, search engine marketing, and social media marketing
4. Website review and consultation to improve performance, traffic, and sales
5. Sponsored posts on https://www.happynetty.com
6. Banner ads on https://www.happynetty.com and https://www.bigcitybazaar.com

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Every year, thousands of businesses lose a significant amount of sales and revenue due to a poor quality website. Additionally, they have little or no SEO and inappropriate online marketing strategy. Is your website SEO friendly and User-friendly?

Let us do this for you so that you can focus on your business. Just send me a message and I will handle the rest of the things.

A lot of online sales is waiting for you if you have everything perfectly set up. Would you still wait? Let’s work together to achieve great results.

You can reach us by submitting a contact form or sending us an email. We will get in touch with you soon.

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