Krishna PVC's Revenue Doubles with Strategic Social Media

Case Study:
Krishna PVC's Revenue Doubles with Strategic Social Media

Krishna PVC Furniture is a leading PVC furniture maker in Rajkot. They offer an array of products, ranging from stylish home furniture to practical office pieces, with the aim of offering durable, maintenance-free, and stylish PVC furniture solutions.

The Challenge

Despite having quality products and a loyal customer base, Krishna PVC Furniture struggled to leverage social media to expand their reach and increase sales. They were particularly interested in the potentials of Facebook and Instagram advertising but were unsure how to execute effective campaigns.

The Solution

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Enters JigB Digital, a premier content writing and social media marketing agency. We undertook a comprehensive analysis of Krishna PVC Furniture’s target market, competitors, and overall industry trends.

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Post-analysis, we developed a strategic social media marketing strategy, focusing on Facebook and Instagram, to bring their products to a larger audience.

We created compelling ad campaigns to launch their social media advertising journey. These were tailored to Krishna PVC Furniture’s target audience, showcasing their unique selling points, like the durability, maintenance-free nature, and aesthetic appeal of their PVC furniture.

The Results

The results were nothing short of impressive. In just two months, Krishna PVC Furniture saw remarkable growth across all their key performance indicators. The number of leads they received doubled, providing a significant boost in potential customers. This, coupled with effective lead nurturing, led to a doubling in their customers.

Ultimately, this resulted in their revenue doubling in a mere two months – an exceptional performance by any standards.

The Conclusion

JigB Digital’s expertise in social media marketing allowed Krishna PVC Furniture to harness the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising effectively. The campaign proved that with a well-thought-out strategy and execution, social media platforms could indeed provide a significant boost to leads, customers, and ultimately, revenue.

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