Corona Pandemic Lockdown: Survival Tips for Businesses

Corona Pandemic Lockdown: Survival Tips for Businesses

If you are a business owner, this is probably the worst time you have ever faced. The spread of Coronavirus has put everything at a stop. Countries are in locked-down condition and nobody is allowed to go out except those providing essential goods and services. However, you can take some steps for the survival of your business during and after the Corona pandemic lockdown.

Here are some tips.

1. Let your customers know that you are ready to help

If you have a contact database of your existing and potential customers, get in touch with them and tell them you are ready to help them. You can offer goods on small EMIs or credit. What’s better than this? Your customers get essential goods and you keep your customers with you. Further, they will be thankful to you for your service during the lockdown and will become your loyal customers.

There can be other ways to serve your customers more generously in this COVID19 Pandemic. Think about what you have that can be given to your customers for free or at a discounted rate. What can be given now and payment can be collected later or in EMIs. This is the time to create a close emotional connection with people that will go a long way in growing your business later.

2. Use online marketing and payment options to get bookings

In case you are selling something that customers can book now and use later, you can generate sales at this time as well. Use an online marketing service for lead generation and conversions. Social media marketing is one of the best ways during this time. This is because most of the people are free and spending time on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

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3. Get an E-pass from the authority for home-delivery if you are selling essential goods

Lockdown would cause huge losses for your business, but you can lessen with online orders and home delivery. You can clear the stock during the lockdown and start with fresh stock when it’s lifted. Most businesses are operating online these days. So, customers can place orders by paying via online payment tools like fund transfer, BHIM app, GPay, and wallets like PayTM.

All you have to do is to,

  1. Get E-Pass from your local/state authority for home-delivery.
  2. Share your bank details, UPI ID, and/or QR code with your customers and get payments.
  3. Arrange the delivery of the good to your customer within the hours allowed by the government authority

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4. Stand by your employees and vendors during this Corona Pandemic

For they are going to be the force to run your business with full capacity once this stagnant phase of lockdown is over. Keep their morale high by offering every possible help. Ensure they have enough supply of essential goods in their kitchens and get medical support when needed. Your kindness towards them will result in a great loyalty.

Remember that it’s your workforce that has kept your business profitable. It’s ok to think about the revenue and turnover, but don’t leave your people helpless and pressure to bring more business in this difficult time.

A hidden fear of losing the job, danger to health and life-threatening infection can easily take over the mind of a person. So, in this extremely scary time, it’s your moral and ethical responsibility to think about your employees and their family’s safety and well-being. If you take care of them at this time of the Corona pandemic, they will take care of your business later when everything is back to normal.

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