Social Media Post Types That Keep Your Audience Interested

Social Media Post Types That Your Audience Love to See

We all know the importance of social media posts in business. You can use it as an info desk or help desk for interacting with your audience, existing customers, and potential buyers. Given this, social media post types, frequency, and timings a crucial.

Social media posts bring organic traffic and sales

While your social media page/profile keeps your business connected with your audience, it also brings organic sales, repeat sales, and customer loyalty.

But this is not as simple as it seems. To see these results, you need a large number of followers.

And getting a large number of followers requires a lot of effort in terms of organic and paid promotions. The larger your follower base the better exposure to your product/service.

On the other hand, keeping the audience interested is equally essential. For that reason, the content should meet your audience’s expectations.

Remember that people don’t buy products or services. They buy solutions to their problem or fulfillment of their need. And when they look at your post, your content should provide something related to their problem or need.

Your social media post should reflect a whole or a part of the solution without directly promoting your product or service unless it is a purely promotional post.

You can provide your audience with valuable information, solve their problem, or offer something they find worthy of attention. And you can do with the content variety. If you do this, you can expect a response to your call to action.

Social media post ideas

Here are some social media post ideas that can increase the interest of your audience in your content:

  1. Insert a quote related to your industry in an image. Discuss why your industry is crucial for people and how your products/services can solve their problems in a caption.
  2. Show a fact related to your industry in an image. Discuss what difference your product/service can make in customers’ lives in a caption.
  3. Provide a tip in an image and explain it in the caption.
  4. Share an article with a caption or excerpt with a link to it. And a title in the image.
  5. Ask a question related to the use or experience with your product/service or a problem – in an image. Explain more and ask your audience to share an answer in the comment.
  6. How to [topic] in the image and details in the caption.
  7. Give a challenge to your audience and offer a reward to the winner.
  8. Share a video and caption – related to your industry.
  9. Any image or video providing some motivation or social message.

These and many other social media post ideas can get the audience’s attention. And you can directly or subtly use a call-to-action.

But remember, don’t make your content a sales pitch, as it may irritate your audience, which is not good.

Be consistent and problem-solving with informative posts

Social media is where people go in a mood to explore without intention. So you can not expect them to pay attention to your sales pitch. Rather, you can make your brand memorable by providing something interesting they can not forget easily.

If you do this consistently with perseverance, people will remember you and come to you for their needs or problems.

So, make a social media content calendar, including the ideas mentioned above, and post them on your page/profile regularly.

I hope you will find this article helpful.

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