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Do You Use the Power of Content Marketing to Bring Customers?

Your content marketing strategy can go a long way in generating business. They provide far better results in terms of percentage and time than your paid campaigns. I have discussed some stats in this article that prove that content is the key to business growth. Further, I have also explained why you need content writing services in India to improve the visibility of your online assets.

Content Marketing Stats

According to SEO stats on Webfx, 70% of people research online before buying something or visiting a business.

Videos and blogs are two types of content that gain the most attention and engagement, 65% and 53%, respectively, according to the statistics by HubSpot.

On the other hand, social media and email newsletters are a priority for 88% and 78% of businesses, respectively, in 2022, as per SearchEngineJournal.

That means the more content, social media posts, and newsletters you use in your content marketing, the higher traffic and sales you get for your business.

Why most businesses fail in using content marketing

Most businesses and professionals know this very well. But they don’t or can’t pay enough attention to content. They avoid spending on content writing services, believing that they need only paid ads. Here they miss one thing – they need content even for the paid ads. For example, they need good video, infographics, blog posts, and landing page content that serves the purpose and provides a reason for the visitor to act on a call-to-action.

The reason behind this is they don’t know how the importance of content and how it can make a difference. Those who know this don’t know how to create a content strategy and utilize blogs. They also don’t know how to use social media to get attention, traffic, and sales online.

As per my observation of local businesses in India and the USA, hardly a small percentage of them generally pay attention to creating content focused on local SEO and marketing.

80% is the average conversion rate of local searches – Webfx

Having SEO-optimized content for your Google My Business and other listings on local business directories can turn the table for you.

On the other hand, I have seen that most businesses have a website and social media profiles. But they ignore the content. Some have poor quality content, while others have plagiarised or just rewritten content. Google catches such pages and simply penalizes them with a low ranking. Ultimately, they never get visible on the first page of search results. And it renders their online assets like web pages and social profiles non-performing ones.

Content marketing strategy for online business growth

Businesses serving large markets need to focus on a content strategy. So that they can compete with other players in the industry on search engines and social media.

Ideally, businesses having a successful content strategy don’t do the heavy lifting. Instead, they pass this task on to the content marketing agency. And your investment in building content leadership and supremacy will pay off multiple times compared to the paid advertising you do online and offline.

In this case, we can be your best content writing service provider from India.

JigB Digital, a leading content writing agency from India

We are JigB Digital, a leading content writing agency in India. And we help businesses transform and strengthen their online presence.

Your business success depends on the strong connection between you and your customers. And that’s where we can help. We do this with web content, blog articles, newsletters, and highly-engaging social media posts.

Apart from this, we help businesses create presentations, white papers, eBooks, infographics, and video scripts. We also provide email pitches, newsletter series, content marketing funnel, and other content. Thus we help them build relationships and trust and bring more customers.

So contact us today to have a high-performing content strategy for your business.

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